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Welcome to Flow Path Management. In 2012, our mission of saving lives by educating firefighters in  flow path recognition was a huge success but also met  significant resistance from Traditionalist Firefighters across the nation.  Well...to all you haters...you're gonna love our new format!!!

In 2018, flow paths are starting to make their way into today's firehouse... but the concern is, "are we truly understanding the physics of fire?"  Are you simply watching videos or reading a trade journal about flow path or are you actively on the fireground experiencing it and making radical changes how you do business? 

Is your existing officer development program strictly a lecture and computer simulator-based program with no practical fireground skills used to bring the training full circle? So, your a OCS Graduate? You may have sat behind a computer or read a book but how good are you when you hit the street?

Sometime Being the best just isn't good enough... take your training seriously and get on the fireground! It's where the REAL learning takes place....or as we say...Street Smart Learning...

Are you among the 90% firefighter population that is sick of being power-pointed to death? If so, it's time to hit the road jack!

Yes...I work for a big city department that refuses to  acknowledge or take any initiative to learn more about the dangers of flow path or implement new research or technologies into our fire attack. For us...simple powerpoints is about all we get or simulated smoke... Ask a salty dude when the last training fire they attended...the answer may surprise you.

If you are like me and tired of "simulating shit"  it's time to get out from behind computer screens, classrooms, scrap the computer simulators, take off the gawd awful looking tie and dress shirt and get dirty and get some shit done so we can start saving lives....

Now that the rant is over...

I have decided to take FPM to the next level by bringing the fire dynamics onto YOUR fireground and in your face. Our mission is to provide every student with an opportunity to experience through sensory learning how to recognize, predict, and navigate on the fireground using the flow path as the basis for their fire attack arsenal toolbox.
We are proud to be offering you several new advanced training modules.

Fire Physics 101; Flow Path Dynamics Introduction

This 24-hr module consists of 2-3 days of gaining a working knowledge of the physics behind the fire and requisite knowledge and skill sets to recognize the multiple forms of flow paths likely encountered on the fireground. Using Small-Scale modeling, live fire training

Taking the Nozzle Beyond Forward: Inerting the Fireground. 

Now that you have attended Nozzle Forward, it time to take it to the next level. In this class, there are no pallets to navigate, no dragging hose until your knees bleed and backs are spent. The focus of this course is to apply the skills acquired from the Nozzle Forward program  into realistic structures under live fire conditions under real world water supply problems. We test the validity of Nozzle Forward techniques and compare them to NFA and Iowa fire formulas. We review research from NIST and UL on fire attack and if these techniques really work. We will address minimal staffing and the first-due alternatives.
How much fire will a 2 1/2 gallon extinguisher really extinguish? Can we use Non-traditional fire attack using piercing nozzles (fog nail) and cellar nozzles as another tool in our tool box to inert fire environments?

Thermal Imaging Fire Attack:

Our focus within this course is to provide a working knowledge of using the TIC as it was designed... as a tool to gather information prior and during the fire attack...not just for search and overhaul. Today's thermal cameras are the most advanced on the market and allow our fire warrior to see things they have never seen before...and operate in ways that deviate from the typical fire attack. This course will introduce you to the new fireground fire attack model using your TIC and the flow path for tactical decision making.

Street Smart Tactics Module

The SST Module will focus modifying existing  fireground skills sets utilizing the flow path into operating principles and practices under live fire conditions. We address the question, "How can the flow path help me on the fireground?"
This course not only addresses the bread and butter operations but also addresses low frequency events like Basement Fire Attacks, Attic Fires and the Flow Path, Thermal Imaging Fire Attack, Ventilation Considerations and the Flow Path. We also explore Non-Traditional Fire Attacks, Wind Driven Fire Attacks and lots more... This live fire training session is one you don't want to miss. 


Minimal Staffing Module

that not only introduces you to the advanced fire dynamics and flow path hazards but using your tools and knowledge into providing a safer and coordinated fire attack.

Our minimal staffing fire attack module will provide you options on how to perform various fireground tactics with minimal staffing.

is evolving training is now offering a wide array of course focusing on using the flow path